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All NFL matches start with kickoff that is the ball is kept on the thirty yard line kicking tee of the team playing defense and a placekicker who is a special kicker in the team begins the game by kicking the ball to the team playing offensive. On the offense side of the team a kick return man tries to catch the ball and takes the game forward by running with it. At the point where the kick return football player stops the drive of the offense begins in the rare cases when the kickoff ball ends in the end zone of the offense team the kick returner has two options – either run the ball beyond the end zone or kneel and signal touchback in the end zone itself. If the kick returner kneels the game is stopped and the ball placed at the 20 yard line for the offense team to begin play.

According to the NFL laws progress in the game of American football is measured in yards. Hence the team playing offensive has to gain maximum yardage possible by moving as close as possible to the end zone of the opponent team. Every time the ball ends up with the offense team they have 4 chances or downs to gain ten yards.

Greatest teams in the NHL hall of fame

Since ice hockey first began it has become one of the most favored sports in many countries. Hockey began in 1917 with the first historical National Hockey League game being played. With the sport becoming so popular, Toronto built a Hockey Hall of Fame.

Throughout the decades there have been many great teams including the following teams through the various decades: 

1919 – 1920:the Ottawa Senators winning 19 of 24 games. And had a winning percentage of .792.

1929 – 1930 the Boston Bruins having a wonderful season and holding a winning percentage of .875 the Boston Bruins experienced only five losses and 38 wins.
1943 – 1944 was a wonderful season for the Montreal Canadians with a winning percentage of .830. The Montréal Canadians experienced 7 ties, 5 losses and 38 wings.
1950 – 1951 during these years, the Detroit Red Wings were experiencing a great season and become one of the all time great National Hockey League teams with a winning percentage of .721. The Detroit Red Wings experienced 13 losses and 44 wins.
1961 – 1962 was a wonderful season for the Montreal Canadians who had a winning percentage of .700 for the season. The Montreal Canadians experienced 14 losses and 42 win.
1976 – 1977 was a season that the Montreal Canadians again experienced a wonderful winning season with only eight losses and 60 wins. Earning a winning percentage of .825.
1995 – 1996 the Detroit Red Wings become one of the all time greats once again with a record of 62 wins. And a winning percentage of .799.


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