Build Up For Win

When the anticipation is soaring games we build I mean I mean we’re I guess known in a way for our slow spins which which build up anticipation with a definite win it’s just how big is the win possibly said thanks I might be able to sleep again are you welcome course I had to show that one sure yeah necessary is good it’s a good points of ways I mean people have to you know it’s been make you know make people aware that that sort of things absolute you know absolutely out of bounds you know any startups they’re going to sort manufacture and I know there’s a lot of stops coming out of Sweden that they know that is bonus. Find out more on building up at CasinoSlots.

I mean I’m sure they do if there was assault know that already but um because there are a lot of startups coming out that’s good and that is also a no SK the spin Finiti temple costume infinity you know – there’s actually a lot of people as nuts I really want to ask that you known to create super high ball machines yeah so what happened was we had you know we had a we had a legacy product in flash from 5 years ago we actually built the first mega symbol game on the internet with initially it was called Viking quest which was an exclusive for UT but going back about 5 years and we we lost that with universe and and then we basically did a exclusive with them and then we skinned its temple quest for the rest of the network and it was a very very successful game because I think when you first to market with a product you know we first to market with mega symbols it was very successful because known as senior mega symbols before.

So it caught on and a lot of the operators came to me and said are you going to be temple quest for mobile so he said yes but we wanted to sort of change because it was a very low volatile game in the early days so we wanted to change the math model make it slightly more volatile so he ripped out there pick the chest feature we ripped out the temple feature out of the original game and we put it all into the free spins so you can get you know hundreds of free spins and you know we thought we’re freaking do a bonus here though yeah we just pushed out pushed out the free spins hence pinfinity and get hundreds of free spins reach your going and reach we’re going to be triggering you can get a direct epic we’re not from like a small wall in a big world in the center that will give you an epic we have you can get several of those you can’t so it has potential but I see where one’s coming from if you’re just going in there getting three scatters you’re going to the free spins you’re coming out.

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